Starting honest conversations about tough subjects with Gen Z

Students listen to people who listen. realTALK offers the tools and resources to help us listen better

Gain Insight

We need to see life through the eyes of Gen Z, and conversation is the only way to understand someone better.

Get Equipped

Our tools & resources are designed to teach you some of the skills we have learned from our years working with young people all over the world.

Grow Together

Join our global community of authentic influencers, and we can start changing our communities and the world together.

Real is the priority.

Gen Z needs people they can have real conversations with, on topics that matter to their lives. These are topics most adults don’t discuss in daily life, much less navigate in conversation with a teenager.

See the world their way

realTALK provides tools and resources for parents and youth pastors to have real conversations about things that are important to their students, using methods field-tested at our campus ministries in highschools across the valley, and skills we have learned from our years working with young people all over the world. We see the world the way they do, and hear what’s bothering them. You can too.

Let’s Come Together

We provides resources intended to help you inform and fuel these conversations with Gen Z, through podcasts, videos, conversation kits, helpful wisdom and a community of people with the same goals.

We’re inviting youth pastors and parents to unite around the common goal of transforming students’ lives through the gospel. We’re seeing relationships built (not destroyed) around these tough issues when young people have support and a safe place to be real.

Know the topics. Drop the tactics. Start listening.

Our Resources


This is an in-depth conversation about all things Gen Z, sharing perspective on how we can gain influence and a meaningful connection with them. We have a diverse audience and that’s because we avoid no topic and keep it 100% real always. We hope you find fresh perspectives here!


The RLTK Episodes will give you more detailed and nuanced insights into how GenZ is wrestling through their beliefs and how they are processing the most important topics like sex, relationships, depression, race, and many more.

Youth Ministry

These are shareable resources that you can use to have conversations in whatever space you choose. You can also share your insights in the comments section of the app and help everyone continue to learn and grow.

Help support our mission.

To reach youth today we believe you have to be real, raw and radical, and for us, that can look like offering resources free of charge to those who need them. These resources are kept completely free by people like you. If you feel led to help support our ministry by coming alongside us financially you can give by using the form below. Let’s start listening together.

Why it matters

If we don’t do something to bridge the generational gaps between us and GenZ we will lose them. GenZ cares about justice, and there isn’t a lot of that in our world today. They want to act, but they need help and support to do so. If they act on their own, they will do so without the wisdom of those who came before them and maybe doomed to make the same mistakes.

The best part

Our resources are 100% free and is kept that way by financial support from our users. If you like the content and can afford to give something great! If not, we never want that to be an issue. For those that have means, we invite you to consider becoming one of our founders.